We are a global collective of dedicated and like mined individuals committed to the stopping of the illegal spraying of harmful substances in the atmosphere by any method of injection, including aircraft aerosol trails.We have all come together under the name of the global march against chemtrails or geoengineering, or the GMACAG, to work as a peaceful global movement of education.

We are your every day concerned citizens from every job class, every educational level, every race, every nationality.We are also professionals like scientists, doctors, professors, researchers, whistle blowers, former or retired military, pilots, movie directors and producers, production company's, reporters, software developers, and we are the average person that lives next door to you.

It would be better to describe us as a global public movement then it would be to call us a group or selected individuals.Any one, or group can join us, and any one can start their own local educational and protest events.We have no affiliations with any hidden persons, country or its military, political groups, religious groups, or any other type of groups or organizations in the shadows.Logo - No hidden meaning or associations.Funding - we are self funded and accepted donations.Each individual group, global march educational event, or protest is self funded by its own group or event coordinators.

Contact the GMACAG admin team by email at ... ProtestAgainstGeoengineering@gmail.com


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